Monday, 24 October 2011

Just Lingering Around

It amazing our little garden area is so full of life, our flowers are blooming, adding so much color to this tropical life we live. The birds take a break from flying in and around. And when I close my eyes I can hear the the waves of the Caribbean sea break on the shore, what music to my ears.

It great to stand back and enjoy the little things we least appreciate, I am just loving it... I hope our guest enjoy it as much as I do.

A s I walk from the garden to beach, I can't help but to take my flip-flops off and just let my feet dive into the sand, ohhhh that soothing feeling...I walk on wards to the beach just looking at the coconut trees, and the sweet memory of coconut water tickles my taste buds. Ok where's the bartender when you need one (smile) I can do with a pina colada or white caribbean rum with coconut water.

The Beach is so calm and laid back, now if only I had a hammock between these two coconut tress I would be in my heaven.  This is truly paradise in its wonders. 16 miles of white sandy beach, and clear crystal ocean waters. It awaits anyone wanting to enjoy it all and get off the beaten path.

Placencia on a whole is so magical, and sharing it with our repeat guest, there is always something new, and for those coming for the first time, we try to give you that ultimate exprience that comes with visiting Placencia.

So if you wish to share this little piece of paradise with us give us a call. 

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